How To Watch Local Sports Without Cable

So many people forgot they dont need cable or satellite TV to watch television. In this article, we are going to show how to watch sports without cable including local TV channels. In the end, youll have more savings, better picture quality, and many local TV channels at your disposal.

If the high cost of cable and satellite is no longer affordable, OTA (Over-the-Air) TV can help make the decision to cancel or downsize your cable/satellite TV subscription. All you need is a good antenna to pick up local TV channels from television stations in the area.

For those who dont want to install an outdoor antenna, an indoor HDTV antenna can be just as good. People living in apartments or something similar may find this approach very satisfactory. Heres what you do:

1. Buy an amplified, 50-mile radius, indoor HDTV antenna. Go to to find a Best Seller and either purchase one online or at your local electronic store.
2. Connect the antenna to the back of the HDTV and put the flat head antenna at the nearest window. If this cannot be accomplished, then any open space will do for now
3. Use TV remote control to open Inputs or Source and select TV (television)
4. Go into menu to scan channels to retrieve all local TV channels in the area

Depending on where you live and number of television stations within the 50-mile radius, there could be plenty of local TV channels to watch. The scan will pick up all channels and the picture quality will be greater than cable and satellite. Now you can watch sports on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc., without the high cost of paid television. As you can see, the setup is quite easy.

Another way how to watch local sports without cable is over the Internet. There are many free and low-cost 3rd party web-based sports TV websites available. But dont leave out the low-cost ones because there could be more benefits you will miss. Free sounds good but you get what you didnt pay for.

Low-cost 3rd party services offer two ways to watch sports online:

1. Access to live premium sports TV channels/networks
2. Access to daily live sports TV schedule of each ballgame/event name, day, and time

Not only do they direct-connect to ESPN, Sky Sports, Bein Sports, Eurosport and many other popular sports networks for you to watch online, they list each sporting event and ballgame (local, national & international). Its very easy to find what you are looking for. Simply point and click to a channel network or sports name to watch it online.

You also get direct-connected to other premium live TV channels, not just sports. Watch entertaining old recent movies and TV shows including news broadcasts worldwide from live TV. And you get access to on-demand streaming content to watch movies and TV shows online as well.

What is needed to watch sports online? Any Internet-connected device with browser can be used such as computer, tablet, smartphone, game console, Google Chromecast, or smart TV with web browser. One popular setup is connecting a computer with Internet access to HDTV via HDMI cable or connect wirelessly to smart TV.

You can purchase an HDMI cable at or visit any electronic/computer store. Get a long HDMI cable 25 inches or more, so that your computer can move near you. Use the computer to visit any 3rd party web-based sports TV website or service. Play the sporting event on the computer. Whatever appears/plays on the computer screen will appear/play on the HDTV screen.

Now how do we set this up to watch sports on the big screen? Newer computers and HDTVs have HDMI ports. Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to the computer and other end to the HDTV. Turn both computer and TV on. Now get the TV remote and select Inputs or Source. Select the HDTV HDMI port number where the computer is connected, such as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

What appears on the computer will now appear on the HDTV. Watch any live or on-demand TV/video on the computer and HDTV. The long HDMI cable will allow you to sit in your comfortable and move the computer laptop near you.

Make sure you have a fast Internet connection to avoid buffering and playback issues. Higher the Internet connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance. An Internet connection speed of 25 Mbps or higher is best. Also, keep in mind that during peak hours more people are online which can down your Internet connection speed. Invest more dollars at your ISP to obtain more speed.