The Ultimate Guide To Repairing Water Damaged Cell Phones

Your iphone is water damaged and time is ticking. Lets get right to the point. The first thing you need to do is turn your phone off and immediately disconnect the battery.’If you’re in Montreal, Quebec, like me, take it directly to Rapifix iphone repair and get Kyle to look at it as he specializes in water damages. If you aren’t in Montreal, don’t worry but act fast and find a local repairman! The longer you wait, the more likely it will be that the water damage on your phone is irreversible. The window of time here is less than 60 seconds so if your phone has been dropped in water and you havenât removed the battery yet stop reading and remove it right now. You will also want to remove the SIM card and memory card if you have one. You do not want water to seep into the motherboard of your device.

If you can’t figure out how to remove the battery from your phone it is because some phones do not make removing the battery very easy. There are tiny screws involved in phones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxies, so unfortunately the risk of irreversible damage is greater. Once your phone is turned off you will significantly increase your window of time for repair. If unscrewing the back cover to remove the battery is intimidating to you I recommend calling the nearest cell phone repair shop right away. They have all of the tools necessary to properly remove the battery and the repair guys will do everything they can to save your phone from irreversible water damage.

The repairs guys will handle everything for you, but if you are determined to fix your phone yourself there are still a couple more steps to follow. The next step in repairing your phone is to dry it as thoroughly as possible. The easiest and fastest way to dry your phone is by using a hair dryer or heater. The amount of water left in the phone after drying it this way will depend on how much water the device was submerged in before being rescued. For example, water damage from light rain will be easier to fix than water damage from a device being submerged in a pool for more than a few seconds.

The most popular way of drying a water damaged device is to place it in a bed of uncooked rice overnight. This process will take up to a day because the rice will slowly absorb the water over time. In my experience this will only work for minimal amount of water. If you are going to try the uncooked rice technique I suggest first drying as much moisture as possible from the phone with a hair dryer or heater, then placing it in rice for at least 12 hours. Once your device, the battery, SIM card, and memory card are completely dry you can reassemble your device and try turning it on. You will know if all of the effort was worth it or not when your cell phone either turns on or stays off forever.