The Art Of Public Speaking

As much as many people would say that they are public speakers, there is a huge difference in what it means to be a public speaker and a good communicator. Public speaking involves shouting memorized paragraphs while communicating involves a lot of brain engagement in order to pass the right message. Read more on communication here


Here are our top tips for mastering the art of public speaking:

  • Find your own unique voice. Speaking out in public can be a tougher call for women than men as female brains are wired slightly differently to male brains. We take longer to formulate and process our responses because we have so much more going on in our prefrontal cortex. While this gives us a greater mental band width for multi-tasking, it is often misinterpreted as procrastination. In fact we are mentally weighing up the pros and cons before we act and say anything. Learn how to use this ability to be a powerful and effective diplomat, especially if you aspire to public life. Don’t feel pressured into a particular style of presenting, go with what feels comfortable for you. Say it like it is and how it comes naturally.
  • Discover your style of presenting, whether that is standing up, sitting down, or moving about. Just be wary of pacing as this tends to distract from the content. Only use PowerPoint to illustrate your talk, draw attention to a point or get a laugh, don’t just write out your script. When it comes to slides, pictures are always better than copy. You want them to listen to what you are saying, not be reading ahead. Less is always more powerful.


Legal Issues Surrounding Cyber Security

There are many cases in the courts today that revolve around cyber security. Many of the cases go unreported as many people and companies do not know how to handle such cases. There are however many firms today that provide consultancy in the area of cyber security and legal issues that revolve around technology. Read more of this in this article we came across online.

CRS: Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues

This report discusses selected legal issues that frequently arise in the context of recent legislation to address vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure to cyber threats.

The federal government’s role in protecting U.S. citizens and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks has been the subject of recent congressional interest. Critical infrastructure commonly refers to those entities that are so vital that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating impact on national security, economic security, or the public health and safety. This report discusses selected legal issues that frequently arise in the context of recent legislation to address vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure to cyber threats, efforts to protect government networks from cyber threats, and proposals to facilitate and encourage sharing of cyber threat information amongst private sector and government entities. This report also discusses the degree to which federal law may preempt state law.

It has been argued that, in order to ensure the continuity of critical infrastructure and the larger economy, a regulatory framework for selected critical infrastructure should be created to require a minimum level of security from cyber threats. On the other hand, others have argued that such regulatory schemes would not improve cyber security while increasing the costs to businesses, expose businesses to additional liability if they fail to meet the imposed cyber security standards, and increase the risk that proprietary or confidential business information may be inappropriately disclosed.


Advantage Of Hiring An App Developer For Your Business

With the latest inventions it is paramount for each and every business to have an app that will connect them easily with their clients. Almost everybody has a Smartphone today and they access everything in terms of apps. When you develop an app for your business, you get an added advantage since most of your clients will get closer to you.

Why you should hire app developers: Android apps are generally developed using a Linux based operating system, which is also being used by many other tablets the market. App developers are skilled in making use of the flexibility of the OS in order to develop refreshingly innovative apps. This freedom is an advantage that the Android has over most other smart phones. App developers know the software development tools for Androids the best. They can make full use of the Android software development kit (SDK) in order to create smooth, professional apps.

 Financing app development need not be a concern. App developers overseas are not only very skilled, but provide services at extremely reasonable costs. Software Developers India is one such example, their success showcased in the apps they have previously developed, and continue to develop, for a multitude of different businesses in all corners of the world. App developers aid in transitioning from a mere concept, to a fully functional and visualized app while your business still retains its creative license and offers creative input by bringing the ideas to the table.